Drug Rehabs in Waterbury, CT

Connecticut has long ranked as one of the top states in the US for addiction issues. Waterbury, the 5th largest city in Connecticut, and has had a scourge of heroin addiction issues. It is important then to have drug rehabs in Waterbury readily available for those that need it. Contact Waterbury Drug Rehab Centers today to learn more about recovery options (877) 804-1531.

This article examines drug rehab in greater detail and looks at the different rehab options available to sufferers of addiction. The aim is to give those suffering from addiction or their loved ones the comprehensive information that they need regarding rehab.

Drug Statistics in Waterbury

Waterbury is one of a handful of cities in Connecticut that has the highest statistics of a heroin overdose. In 2016 some 33-people died at the hands of this powerful opiate. It is virtually impossible to come off heroin successfully and safely without medical intervention. In fact, professional help is advised for anyone withdrawing from drug and alcohol substances.

Different Types of Rehab

Rehabilitation comes in a variety of different types including the following:

  • Inpatient treatment
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Holistic Recovery
  • Religious and spiritual based programs

Inpatient rehab is an intensive and all-encompassing option for addiction treatment in Waterbury for addicts in the severe grips of their illness. This rehabilitation type involves living in a treatment facility for a period, usually at least 30 days, and undergoing a range of different complementary therapies. The round the clock care is of great comfort to very sick patients, and those at risk of relapse.

Outpatient alcohol rehabs in Waterbury is an option suitable for those who have successfully completed inpatient treatment, or addicts with less severe levels of addiction. While still highly structured, outpatient programs do not require the patient to stay over, thus allowing them to continue working. In outpatient programs, there is usually different counseling and therapy options. Drug tests may be part of outpatient programs also.

Holistic Recovery is a very progressive type of treatment, with medical professionals recognizing how alternative therapies can be beneficial to an addicts healing. The focus of holistic therapies is centered around healing the body. Such therapies include yoga, acupressure, acupuncture, music therapy and more. It is a rather nurturing style of treating addiction and for some will not be sufficient. Furthermore, holistic style therapies allow addicts to shed some of the guilt they might be feeling due to their addiction. These self-care activities are very client focused and feel less institutional in style. Lots of people have cited its benefits, so it really demonstrates why therapy types will vary widely in their success depending on the recipient.

Spiritual Based Programs

Alcoholics Anonymous is just one of several groups that utilize the widely acclaimed 12 Step programs. For those that don't know, the 12-Step program is spiritual based and is founded on the belief that we are powerless to our addictions, and need the help and forgiveness of God to recover. It has been very beneficial for many people on their road to recovery, due to its highly structured format, and religious overtones. For those not persuaded by faith, it has been known to be less successful.

If you or a loved one are thinking about attending drug rehabs in Waterbury but are unsure, here are a couple of reasons why it is the best option.

  • Getting help from trained professionals will aid in your recovery
  • A relaxing and nurturing environment will help you to unwind
  • Ending addiction will aid you in getting your life back on track
  • You will be doing the best service for your worried loved ones
  • You will learn a lot about your choices and behaviors
  • You will learn to love yourself again
  • It is safer to detox in a specialist facility

Please do not struggle with drug addiction in your life anymore. If you are addicted to a drug or alcohol substance, you may find your life is in a downward spiral. Furthermore, if you are the loved one of an addict you may feel worried and desperate. Our staff is highly adept in offering comprehensive advice on drug rehabs in Waterbury and we are waiting to help you today. Call Waterbury Drug Rehab Centers now for help (877) 804-1531.

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