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There are options for addiction treatment in Waterbury, but for those with dependency issues, it can be hard to choose which option is the best for their needs. In this article, we consider addiction in more detail, explaining what it means to be addicted to drugs and alcohol. We also examine different drug and alcohol treatment programs and how they work to assist people in their sobriety endeavors.

What Is an Addiction?

Addiction is the psychological and physical dependence to a substance. In this article when we discuss addiction, we are doing so about drugs and alcohol. With drug substances, they work by causing the brain to release more dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter, chemical in our body that sends signals between the nerve cells and the brain. One of the signals that dopamine sends controls pleasure, and so an increase in dopamine causes an increase in pleasure. Increased and consistent drug use results in it becoming harder to achieve the same level of a "buzz" and so begins the trap of addiction. A user continues to try and feel that incredible high again, but it never comes. In fact, often the user of illicit substances such as heroin needs to take some just to function normally.

While alcohol addiction in Waterbury is concerned with this chemical rush we speak of, it also considers many different factors. Certain people are more predisposed to addiction issues than others, with influences coming from their environment, genetic makeup and the way in which they were raised.

Those who begin experimenting in their teenage years are more likely to develop an addiction later in life than those who don't. Further to this, those exposed to neglect, abuse, and mental health issues in childhood are again more susceptible to addiction. The cycle of addiction is one likely to continue when children grow up in a house where substances are abused.

With all of this in mind, we can understand then why addiction is such a complex illness and is something that is still highly researched.

How Does Addiction Treatment Work?

Addiction Treatment in Waterbury comes in all shapes and sizes. Support services for dependency issues include the following:

  • Outpatient and Inpatient Programs
  • Holistic Recovery
  • Counselling
  • Spiritually guided support

Inpatient drug rehab in Waterbury is an intensive and comprehensive live-in facility, where a person often stays for at least 30 days. It suits very severely addicted patients who require round the clock care. Inpatients are provided with meals and sometimes have chores to maintain a sense of daily routine. They will be assessed and given a concrete treatment plan to meet their needs.

Outpatient rehab is an option suitable for those who may have successfully undertaken inpatient treatment, or have mild to moderate addiction issues. Outpatient rehab is very structured, but the patient can continue to work or carry out their daily life as it is not a live-in treatment facility. Regular drug tests are usually part of outpatient rehab also.

Holistic Recovery is a very modernist treatment style, encompassing many new age health and well-being therapies. They include such activities as yoga, acupuncture, music therapy and art. The core focus of holistic therapies is concerned with healing the body. It is a style of treating addiction that focuses on building confidence and self-esteem and for some with severe addiction problems, it will not be sufficient.

Lots of people have praised the benefits of holistic recovery and how it is playing its part in helping to heal those suffering from mild to moderate addiction.

Spiritual Based Programs

Alcoholics Anonymous is one of many addiction support groups that utilize the widely acclaimed 12 Step programs. For those unaware, the 12-Step program is spiritual based and is founded on the premise that we are powerless to our addictions, and need the forgiveness of God to recover. It has been beneficial for many dependents on their road to recovery, due to its highly structured format.

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